York Architectural Services

York was fortunate enough to undergo a mass building boom at the time when architectural styling was a profound part of society. New materials allowed red-brick buildings to take the place of worn down half-timbered properties, and this brought with it a significant rise in the architectural appeal of the city of York.

Some of the most distinguished and glorious Georgian properties still survive today in modern York including The Assembly Rooms, Fairfax House and Mansion House, but the most exquisite architectural attraction in York has to be York Minister. This Medieval cathedral is over 800 years old and was designed in conjunction with both Norman and Gothic styles of the time. It now serves as a treasury for stained glass works, and it is one of the most awe-inspiring pieces of architectural beauty York has to offer.

At Architectural Services York we use the magnificent architecture around us to draw inspiration from. The city is diverse in its architectural styling, with many ancient and modern designs within walking distance from one another, and this allows us to create designs which are alternative, distinctive and like no other. We are renowned for designing and implementing divine architecture, and we use our extensive experience to achieve such fine results.

We offer a wide range of professional services for our clients including producing building drawings, dealing with planning applications, arranging and managing the technical aspects of the property, dealing with engineering calculations and producing a thorough survey of the property. We have worked on a vast number of projects right across York and the surrounding areas; from beautiful and sought-after country manors to modern builds, and our professional team of architects have the skills and the ability to work on any size project, no matter how small or how large.

At Architectural Services York we will tailor and adapt our services to coincide with the specific requirements of our clients. We will sit down with our clients, listening attentively to their needs and their tastes, and we will then incorporate our clients tastes into our overall architectural design. We have the ability to create modern or traditional styles, and we are destined to provide our clients with a monumental build which is glorious, aesthetically pleasing and charming in its overall appeal.

If you require additional information regarding Architectural Services York and the services we provide, or if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch today on: 07841 039833 and we will be more than happy to assist you further.